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“Whispers of the Deep: Intertwined Desires” – Homage to Hokusai’s Legacy 2

jan 2021, unique edition

Mix media resin with pigment polychrome under plexyglas cap with LED

15 7/10 × 19 7/10 × 19 7/10 in – 40 × 50 × 50 cm

The artwork is signed by the Artist , carved with edition number and date on a plate under the piece

serie “Twin Odes to Hokusai : A Legacy Unfolded”


Hiro Ando’s studio became a sanctuary for a profound exploration of artistry. Two sculptures, part of the series “Twin Odes to Hokusai: A Legacy Unfolded,” stood as silent testaments to a tribute of monumental proportions.

“Whispers of the Deep: Intertwined Desires” and “Ephemeral Crests: Oceans of Time” shared a space where form and substance engaged in a silent dialogue. The series, a huge homage to Hokusai, unfolded a narrative that transcended time, seamlessly blending traditional Japanese artistry with a contemporary sculptural language.

In the ambient glow of the studio, the two sculptures stood side by side, creating a profound visual symphony. The juxtaposition of materials, the play of light and shadow, and the overall composition echoed the essence of Hokusai’s legacy. It was a narrative where the whispers of the deep and the ephemeral crests became chapters in an unfolding artistic odyssey.

For those fortunate enough to encounter the “Twin Odes to Hokusai” series, the experience was more than an observation; it was a pilgrimage through the echoes of Japan’s artistic soul. The studio walls seemed to resonate with the enduring spirit of Hokusai, masterfully channeled through the contemporary lens of Hiro Ando.

Critics celebrated the series as a seamless integration of past and present, acknowledging Ando’s alchemical ability to capture the nuances of Hokusai’s legacy. The “Twin Odes to Hokusai” series, with its silent dialogue and visual symphony, became a timeless exploration of artistic continuity—a legacy unfolded for the world to witness.