The studiocrazynOOdles was created in Tokyo in 2005 by Saori Nakamishi and Hiro Ando with the goal of organizing and promoting the creative activities of young artists of the new japanese pop wave. Since the very beginning, and to this day, the founders have given their artists total freedom of expression while at the same time encouraging group work methods to ensure the most creative artistic production. The artists at studiocrazynOOdles are able to fully support each other’s creativity in an atmosphere of mutuality. So the studiocrazynOOdles manages the work of several artists with different visions but who adhere to the same culture. This fertile “nursery,” a truly artistic company, has carved out new frontiers. While such frontiers may still be a little wild, they are the Studio’s own, and were not bequeathed by notions of high art. The artists at studiocrazynOOdles take popular culture as they know it and integrate it into their works. By doing so, they also elevate this culture in a stance firmly opposed to elite Western ideas of what art should be. The approach of studiocrazynOOdles may in a small way claim allegiance to Andy Warhol whose popular art was an act of redefining, through the silk-screen process, mass culture and the phenomenon of mass consumption. The works from studiocrazynOOdles are presented first of all as echoes of oriental traditions. At the same time, these seductive and disturbing pieces are mostly a reflection of contemporary society, resulting in a bittersweet portrait of the Western world. The creative universe of studiocrazynOOdles is full of Lolita manga, baby-faced and pure. The scenes are obviously suggestive, composed of young girls who are most of the time naked or clad only in underwear, along with characters engaging in subversive acts, reminiscent also of very old traditions. The medium in which the artists of the studiocrazynOOdles work can be inspired as much from “the fine arts,” like painting or sculpture, as from the newest media, such as silk screen printing, video, assemblages or digital creation. The studiocrazynOOdles is a veritable art company which manages the creation, promotion, distribution and sale of the works of each artist. Whether producing and organizing events and exhibitions around a single Studio artist, several artists or around all of the artists, studiocrazynOOdles helps them all flourish and, above all, allows the younger creators newly arrived at the Studio to find their feet. studiocrazynOOdles also manages, among other things, public relations, biographies and the merchandising of every artist.The studiocrazynOOdles is always shifting. While the artists may at times join a common artistic project, at other times they may keep some distance, depending on the link between their current work and that of the group.