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The Saga of Samuraicat’s Hanko , Silver

2022 – Unique Edition

Acrylic plexiglass

35 2/5 in diamete – 90 cm diameter

Artist name , edition number 1 / 1 and date carved on a metal label on the top of the artwork

serie “Epic Seals : Inkan-Hanko Odyssey”


Hiro Ando’s studio became a silent arena for the unfolding saga of the “Epic Seals: Inkan-Hanko Odyssey.” Two sculptures, “The Saga of Samuraicat’s Hanko” and “Samuraicat’s Inkan Resonance,” stood as silent witnesses to a narrative that bridged the echoes of tradition with the pulse of contemporary expression.

“The Saga of Samuraicat’s Hanko” embodied the indomitable spirit of a warrior’s journey. The hanko, a symbol of battles fought and victories earned, left its mark in the silent dance of lines and curves. Samuraicat, in resolute stance, spoke of tales etched into the very core of the seal, a testament to a warrior’s odyssey through time.

Opposite to it, “Samuraicat’s Inkan Resonance” unfolded a different melody. The inkan, a personal signature, resonated with the soul of an artist-warrior. Inkan Resonance became a visual symphony, a dance where tradition and contemporary expression converged, reflecting the profound connection between the artist and the samurai’s enduring spirit.

Within the studio’s ambient glow, the sculptures engaged in a silent dialogue, each seal whispering tales that transcended the physical realm. “The Saga of Samuraicat’s Hanko” spoke of battles fought, while “Samuraicat’s Inkan Resonance” echoed the artistic battles, where strokes resonated with the echoes of Hokusai’s legacy.

Visitors found themselves immersed in the odyssey of these sculptures. The “Epic Seals: Inkan-Hanko Odyssey” series became a journey through layers of tradition and innovation, where each seal bore the weight of history and the promise of an enduring legacy.

Art enthusiasts and critics marveled at Ando’s ability to capture the essence of the samurai spirit. The sculptures, with their hankos and inkans, became not just artistic expressions but gateways into a world where the past and present converged. The odyssey unfolded not merely in the studio but in the hearts and minds of those who dared to witness the silent epic told by “The Saga of Samuraicat’s Hanko” and “Samuraicat’s Inkan Resonance.”