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My Portfolio

Urbancat’s Saga : Lavender City Whispers

2009, unique artwork

oil on canvas

39 2/5 × 49 1/5 in – 100 × 125 cm

The artwork is signed by the Artist & stamped with the logo of the Artist’s studio on verso of the canvas

serie “Urban Whispers: Chronicles of Urbancat”


In Hiro Ando’s captivating canvases, a dance of urban vibrancy unfolds as he intricately melds Tokyo’s pulsating nightlife with the ethereal beauty of his iconic sculpture, Urbancat. The artist draws inspiration from the dynamic energy of the city under the moonlit sky, capturing the essence of Tokyo’s bustling streets and the coexistence of modernity and nature.

Ando’s incorporation of his iconic Urbancat sculpture introduces a unique dimension to the compositions. Urbancat, with its sleek lines and contemporary aesthetic, becomes a symbol of the city’s evolving identity. The juxtaposition of this modern feline figure against the backdrop of Tokyo’s vibrant night creates a narrative that speaks to the artist’s reflections on the ever-changing urban landscape.

The presence of flowers and clouds in Ando’s depiction adds layers of symbolism to the composition. The flowers, reminiscent of the artist’s signature style, inject a touch of nature into the urban scene, suggesting resilience and beauty amidst the concrete jungle. The clouds, painted with a delicate touch, allude to the transient nature of moments, encouraging viewers to appreciate the fleeting beauty of Tokyo’s nightlife.

The choice of Urbancat as a recurring motif reflects Ando’s fascination with the intersection of tradition and modernity. The sculpture, embodying a contemporary aesthetic, stands as a silent observer of Tokyo’s metamorphosis, linking the past and present in a seamless artistic narrative.

Overall, Ando’s canvas becomes a visual poem, inviting viewers to delve into the complex layers of Tokyo’s nightscape, where the artist’s iconic elements, including Urbancat, flowers, and clouds, converge to create a harmonious and thought-provoking composition.