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My Portfolio

LOVE in Shades of Black and Blue : Nocturnal Embrace

2011, unique artwork

Oil on canvas
43 3/10 × 43 3/10 in – 110 × 110 cm
The artwork is signed by the Artist & stamped with the logo of the Artist’s studio on verso of the canvas
serie ” LOVE , Clouds and Nishikigoi Chronicles : Shinjuku Love Affair “

In the heart of Shinjuku, where the vibrant energy of Tokyo meets the tranquil allure of artistic expression, Hiro Ando embarked on a visual journey that transcended the ordinary. His canvas series, titled “LOVE, Clouds, and Nishikigoi Chronicles: SHINJUKU Love Affair,” unfolded a captivating tale of romance, nature, and the iconic LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana.

The city lights of Shinjuku danced like stars in the night sky, casting a surreal glow on the bustling streets. Nestled within this urban symphony stood the famous LOVE sculpture, a beacon of passion that seemed to radiate its essence into the surrounding air.

Ando, inspired by the pulsating beat of Tokyo’s nightlife, captured the essence of love in its myriad forms. The canvas breathed with the ethereal touch of clouds, drifting across the midnight canvas like whispers of romantic tales. The LOVE sculpture, bathed in the gentle glow of city lights, became a focal point, a symbol of enduring affection.

Nishikigoi, the vibrant and graceful koi fish, swam gracefully through the composition, their colors echoing the emotions that lingered in the Shinjuku air. Each brushstroke conveyed the ebb and flow of emotions, as if the koi themselves were carriers of love stories, swimming through the currents of time.

The clouds above mirrored the transient nature of love, forever changing and evolving. They weaved a narrative of fleeting moments and enduring connections, as if the heavens themselves were witnesses to the romantic tales unfolding in Shinjuku.

As viewers immersed themselves in Ando’s canvas, they could almost hear the whispers of lovers strolling beneath the neon lights, the soft rustle of cherry blossoms, and the gentle splashes of the Nishikigoi in a nearby pond. The LOVE sculpture, a silent witness to countless stories, stood as a testament to the universal language of love that transcended cultural boundaries.

In “LOVE, Clouds, and Nishikigoi Chronicles: SHINJUKU Love Affair,” Hiro Ando masterfully blended the urban vibrancy of Tokyo, the timeless symbol of love, and the serene beauty of nature. The canvas became a portal into a world where love, in all its forms, found expression in the heart of Shinjuku—an ode to romance, art, and the enduring spirit of a city that never sleeps.