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Matching the tiger’s spirit : collaboration between HIRO ANDO and SHU UEMURA for spring/summer 2024

In the neon-lit heart of shibuya, where the city’s pulse beats loudest, a legend whispers through the crowded streets. The Street VIP Tiger, born from the vibrant collaboration between hiro ando and shu uemura for spring/summer 2024, prowls the urban jungle, embodying shibuya’s electric soul. Its sleek form, a canvas of bold colors and dynamic patterns, mirrors the ceaseless motion of the famed shibuya scramble crossing.
Matching the tiger’s spirit, shu uemura unveils its “shibuya scram-blur” makeup, a collection that captures the essence of shibuya’s ceaseless energy and kaleidoscopic night lights. This makeup line, with its blurring effects and vivid hues, offers anyone the chance to wear the magic of shibuya’s nights on their skin, blending seamlessly with the city’s iconic style.
One night, as the scramble crossing buzzed with life, the Street VIP Tiger and a young woman wearing the scram-blur makeup crossed paths. In her eyes, the tiger saw the reflection of shibuya’s vibrant spirit, and in its gaze, she recognized the fierce beauty and freedom of the city’s heart. Together, they moved through the crowd, a living tribute to the fusion of contemporary art and beauty, a symbol of shibuya’s eternal allure. Their fleeting encounter, a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, became a story that lingered long after the night faded, a legend of Shibuya’s ever-evolving between tradition and the pulse of the new.

In the shadow of asakusa’s ancient temples, amidst the bustling matsuri crowds adorned in vibrant festival garb, whispers of the Mod Matsuri Tiger danced on the spring breeze. This mythical creature, a creation of hiro ando and shu uemura for their spring/summer 2024 collection, prowled the old streets of asakusa, a living emblem of the district’s seamless marriage of the ancient and the modern.
Mirroring the tiger’s spirit, shu uemura launched the “asakusa matsuri bloom” makeup collection. Designed to capture the essence of asakusa’s festivals, the line featured shades and textures that echoed the natural beauty of the season—cherry blossoms in full bloom, the soft glow of lanterns, and the fiery spark of fireworks.
On a night filled with laughter and music, under the glow of lantern lights, a young woman adorned with the asakusa matsuri bloom makeup encountered the Mod Matsuri Tiger. Their meeting was a fleeting moment of connection, a bridge between the timeless spirit of asakusa and the ephemeral beauty of the matsuri. In her, the tiger recognized the joy and reverence of the festival; in it, she saw the boldness and innovation of contemporary art.
Together, they moved through the festival, a vision of tradition and modernity intertwined, leaving behind them a trail of stories that would be told and retold, long after the matsuri had ended. Their legend, like the matsuri itself, became a testament to the enduring allure of asakusa, a place where past and present, art and beauty, mingle in an endless dance.

In the sophisticated avenues of omotesando, where fashion breathes life into the streets and luxury boutiques stand like modern temples, the Urban Socialite Tiger makes its enigmatic presence known. Born from the creative synergy of hiro ando, the visionary of the nippon neo-pop movement, and the prestigious makeup artist brand shu uemura, this tiger symbolizes the avant-garde spirit of omotesando. With the spring/summer 2024 collection, they introduced a creature that perfectly embodies the elegance and innovation of this fashion enclave.
Complementing this majestic tiger, shu uemura unveiled the “omotesando luxe-lilac” makeup collection, capturing the essence of omotesando’s trendsetting vibrancy. This exclusive line, with its shades of sophisticated lilacs and urban metallics, offers a tribute to the street’s iconic style, allowing wearers to encapsulate the district’s flair for cutting-edge fashion.
On a crisp, starlit evening, amidst the hum of the city, the Urban Socialite Tiger wandered through omotesando, its coat shimmering with hints of lilac that reflected the glow of the streetlights. Here, it encountered a fashion designer, her face adorned with the luxe-lilac makeup, her eyes alight with creative fire.
Their meeting was a silent acknowledgment of their shared essence—an ode to the beauty of innovation and the power of style. Together, they strolled down the boulevard, the designer drawing inspiration from the tiger’s elegance and the tiger basking in the glow of her artistic vision. Their alliance was a perfect representation of omotesando’s ethos: where tradition meets the pulse of modern sophistication, and beauty intertwines with the fabric of urban life.
Their story, whispered among the cafes and boutiques, became a legend of omotesando—a tale of the Urban Socialite Tiger and the luxe-lilac makeup, symbols of the eternal dance between fashion and art, culture and creativity.

In the electric maze of akihabara, where neon lights clash with the digital chimes of arcades and the buzz of the latest tech gadgets fills the air, the Futuristic Gamer Tiger roams. This digital phantom, a creation from the collaboration between hiro ando, the luminary of the nippon neo-pop movement, and the innovative makeup artists at shu uemura for their spring/summer 2024 collection, embodies the pulse of gen Z gamers. Its vibrant stripes are interwoven with pixels and code, reflecting akihabara’s blend of traditional gaming culture and the frontier of virtual reality.
Complementing this digital denizen, shu uemura launched the “akihabara AI-liner” makeup collection. This futuristic line, inspired by the vibrant energy and pixelated landscapes of akihabara, features eyeliners with electrifying colors and precision tips that enable wearers to craft looks as sharp and dynamic as the games they love.
On a night that buzzed with anticipation for the release of a groundbreaking RPG, the Futuristic Gamer Tiger found itself in one of akihabara’s famed gamer cafés, its presence unnoticed yet deeply felt. Here, a young developer, her eyes lined with the bold strokes of the AI-liner, worked tirelessly, her vision for the future of gaming as bold and intricate as the patterns adorning the tiger.
Their meeting, though silent, was a confluence of art, beauty, and technology. As the developer gazed into the tiger’s code-infused eyes, she saw the embodiment of her dreams—a future where gaming transcends the screen and becomes a canvas for creativity and expression.
The legend of the Futuristic Gamer Tiger and the akihabara AI-liner makeup spread through the streets of akihabara like wildfire, inspiring a new generation of gamers and creators. Together, they stood as symbols of akihabara’s spirit—a place where the realms of gaming, art, and beauty merge to forge new realities, pushing the boundaries of imagination and innovation.