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alliance between neo-pop japanese artist HIRO ANDO and japanese brand SHU UEMURA

hiro ando and shu uemura’s collaboration unleashes four tigers across tokyo, blending art, beauty, and the city’s spirit into a vivid tapestry of innovation


Spring 2024 unfolds an unprecedented alliance between the avant-garde neo-pop japanese artist hiro ando and the globally acclaimed japanese makeup artist brand shu uemura , heralding a new chapter in the intersection of contemporary art and beauty. This collaboration introduces “shu shu tiger,” a bespoke character crafted by ando, symbolizing the fusion of artistic innovation and cosmetic mastery.

hiro ando, renowned for his evocative samuraicat sculptures and adept at weaving traditional japanese themes with a modern pop sensibility, infuses his distinctive style into the shu uemura collection. “shu shu tiger,” embodying strength, playfulness, and beauty, serves as the muse for this exclusive range, reflecting the dynamism and spirited essence of both creators.

The collection, inspired by “shu shu tiger,” spans an eclectic array of cosmetics including vibrant eyeshadow palettes that mirror the character’s energetic essence, lipsticks wrapped in packaging graced with ando’s unique artwork, and skincare essentials that turn daily beauty routines into a celebration of art. Each product encapsulates the essence of “shu shu tiger,” offering a blend of functionality and collectibility that is sure to enchant consumers and collectors alike.

This pioneering collaboration between hiro ando and shu uemura epitomizes the harmonious blend of art and beauty, underscoring shu uemura’s dedication to fostering japanese culture and innovation while embracing the transformative power of art in beauty. The introduction of “shu shu tiger” not only enriches this partnership but also offers a fresh narrative in the beauty industry, promising to inspire individuals around the world to explore and express their unique identities with boldness and creativity in spring 2024.