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HIRO ANDO and SHU UEMURA unite, transforming tokyo’s essence into four iconic tigers

In spring 2024, a groundbreaking partnership blooms between hiro ando, the trailblazing neo-pop japanese artist, and shu uemura, the iconic japanese makeup brand, marking a significant moment at the crossroads of modern art and beauty. This venture unveils the  Shu Shu Tiger ,  a unique creation by ando that encapsulates the blend of artistic brilliance and makeup artistry. Famed for his striking samuraicat sculptures and his skill in melding classic japanese motifs with contemporary pop culture, ando brings his unique flair to the shu uemura line. The Shu Shu Tiger representing vigor, whimsy, and allure, stands as the inspiration behind this special collection
In addition to the main collection, a range of charming accessories and small goodies featuring the iconic Shu Shu Tiger will be available, bringing a playful touch to the collaboration. These items, ranging from compact mirrors and makeup bags to limited-edition pins and stickers, all adorned with the Shu Shu Tiger imagery, offer fans an extended experience of the partnership. This curated selection of extras not only complements the beauty offerings but also allows the Shu Shu Tiger to leave its mark on everyday essentials, making them irresistible to collectors and enthusiasts eager to infuse their daily lives with a dose of art and whimsy.

Drawing from the vibrant spirit of the Shu Shu Tiger , this collection showcases a wide range of beauty products, from lively eyeshadow palettes that capture the tiger’s dynamic energy, to lipsticks adorned with ando’s distinct artistry, and skincare essentials that transform beauty rituals into an artistic celebration. Each item in the collection is infused with the spirit of Shu Shu Tiger, merging practical beauty solutions with a touch of collector’s appeal, captivating both beauty enthusiasts and art collectors.
This innovative partnership between hiro ando and shu uemura represents a perfect fusion of artistic expression and beauty, highlighting shu uemura’s commitment to promoting Japanese culture and creativity, alongside the impactful role of art within the beauty realm. The debut of Shu Shu Tiger enriches this collaboration, introducing a novel storyline to the beauty sector that aims to encourage people globally to embrace their individuality with confidence and artistic flair in Spring 2024.