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a collection that promises not just makeup, but an adventure : HIRO ANDO and SHU UEMURA’s collaboration

In the heart of tokyo, under the neon lights and amidst the bustling streets of shibuya, a unique collaboration blossomed between the prestigious japanese cosmetic brand shu uemura and the renowned neo pop artist hiro ando. This fusion of artistry and beauty gave birth to an unprecedented line of cosmetics, infusing the vibrant essence of tokyo’s streets into a collection that promises not just makeup, but an adventure.

The centerpiece of this collaboration, the Shu Uemura x hiro ando eyeshadow palette, emerged as a testament to innovation and creativity. Inspired by the trendy and ever-changing streets of shibuya, the palette features six all-new shades, from youthful warm tones like pop apricot to soft nudes, each designed to craft a unique tokyo style. Embodied by the exclusive character, shu shu tiger, a spirited guide through this makeup journey, the palette invites wearers to explore different facets of tokyo life

But the journey doesn’t end there. shu shu tiger, sporting sneakers styled by onitsuka tiger, leads enthusiasts through a diverse range of products, each encapsulating a distinct tokyo street vibe. From the kinu rouge matte lipstick, with its sensorial matte finish and shades inspired by akihabara’s futuristic gaming sights, to the kinu rouge cream liquid lipstick, capturing the sophisticated style of omotesando with hues that flatter asian skin tones, every product is a doorway to a new tokyo experience. Further down the streets, the kinu care glow up introduces a hybrid lip care-in color with a watery shine finish, embodying the festive spirit of asakusa’s summer matsuri festivals. And not to be overlooked, the collection’s highlighters – lavender rain and cat street pink – draw inspiration from the playful world of hiro ando, adding an iridescent touch to the wearer’s makeup.

The metallic eyeliners, silver crossing and mod beige, dare wearers to express their artistry with shades inspired by the chic style of shibuya and the mod fashion of omotesando, respectively. Each product, from the unlimited mopo loose powder to the legendary ultim8∞ sublime beauty cleansing oil, carries the essence of tokyo’s streets, infused with premium japanese ingredients and adorned with the signature cloud and flower motifs of hiro ando.

This limited-edition shu uemura x hiro ando collection is not just makeup; it’s an invitation to play, explore, and embrace the eclectic styles of tokyo. With shu shu tiger as your guide, step into the tokyo-verse and discover a world where beauty and artistry collide, leaving you with not just a unique tokyo style but a story to tell.