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My Portfolio

Samuraicat’s Nikon Nocturne : Shadows Captured

2011, unique artwork

Oil on canvas
55 1/10 × 36 3/5 × 1 1/5 in – 140 × 93 × 3 cm
The artwork is signed by the Artist & stamped with the logo of the Artist’s studio on verso of the canvas
serie “Samuraicat Serenades : Tokyo Nocturnes with Flowers and Clouds”

The canvases by Hiro Ando, intricately blending Tokyo’s vibrant nightlife, iconic flowers, and ethereal clouds, introduces viewers to a multidimensional urban landscape. The artist, inspired by the captivating essence of Tokyo after dark, creates a sensory journey through the city’s bustling streets and neon-lit alleys.

At the heart of this composition lies the presence of Hiro Ando’s iconic sculpture, Samuraicat. This enigmatic feline warrior, with its dual faces conveying a spectrum of emotions, becomes a central figure, symbolizing the intersection of tradition and modernity in Tokyo’s urban tapestry.

Ando’s fascination with the juxtaposition of ancient Japanese aesthetics and contemporary urban life is evident in the meticulous details of the canvas. The flowers, a recurring motif in Ando’s body of work, not only contribute to the visual richness but also serve as a nod to traditional Japanese art, where nature is often a profound source of inspiration.

The clouds, rendered with a dreamlike quality, lend an air of mystery to the scene. They symbolize the transient and ever-changing nature of Tokyo, a city in constant flux, where the old harmonizes with the new. The interplay of light and shadow in the night sketches captures the essence of Tokyo’s dynamic energy, where the metropolis comes alive with a different vibrancy after sunset.

The integration of Samuraicat into this nocturnal tableau introduces a narrative layer to the artwork. As an iconic sculpture by Ando, Samuraicat embodies the spirit of resilience, strength, and duality. Its dual faces may reflect the dichotomies present in Tokyo – a city that balances tradition and innovation, serenity and chaos.

In summary, Hiro Ando’s canvases, with its portrayal of Tokyo’s nocturnal charm, iconic flowers, and the presence of the Samuraicat sculpture, is a visual symphony that invites viewers to contemplate the coexistence of tradition and modernity in the ever-evolving cityscape of Tokyo.