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The United Pandasan : Spectral Symmetry Black & Orange

2011, Unique Edition
Resin painted and varnished
21 7/10 × 17 7/10 × 17 7/10 in – 55 × 45 × 45 cm
The artwork is signed by the Artist , carved with edition number and date under the piece
serie “Unified Spectrum : Pandasan’s Chromatic Symphony”

In the enchanting realm of Hiro Ando’s artistic creations, the “United Panda” sculptures stand as eloquent ambassadors of duality and harmony. Born from the deft hands of the Japanese artist, these pandas, resplendent in glossy hues, captivate the beholder with their unique representation—bodies adorned with precisely two colors. To comprehend the genesis of this intriguing series, one must delve into the nuanced inspirations that shape Ando’s creative landscape.

At the core of “United Panda” lies a profound reflection on the interconnectedness of opposing forces. Ando, ever attuned to the cultural and philosophical tapestry of Japan, draws inspiration from the nation’s rich history of finding equilibrium in duality. The two-color palette echoes the Japanese aesthetic principle of “wabi-sabi,” embracing the beauty found in imperfection and transience. In the juxtaposition of colors, there’s an implicit narrative of balance, a delicate dance between contrasting elements that converge to form a cohesive whole.

Furthermore, the choice of pandas as the artistic subjects serves as a symbolic vessel for these explorations. Pandas, revered in Japanese culture for their gentle demeanor and revered status, embody the essence of balance within nature. Ando, drawing from Shinto and Zen influences, seamlessly integrates this symbolism into his sculptures. The glossy finish, a signature of his meticulous craftsmanship, not only adds a contemporary flair but also symbolizes the interconnectedness of tradition and modernity.

The concept of unity takes center stage in Ando’s “United Panda” series. The duo-toned bodies of the sculptures represent the amalgamation of opposites—light and dark, old and new, tradition and innovation. This thematic unity extends beyond the visual realm, inviting viewers to contemplate the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate aspects in their own lives.

In essence, “United Panda” serves as a visual poem, an ode to balance and unity. Hiro Ando, with his masterful strokes and thoughtful color choices, invites us to ponder the harmonious coexistence of opposites—a timeless contemplation that transcends the boundaries of his sculptures and resonates with the audience on a profound, universal level.