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Trilogy Samuraicat Blu, Sumocat Orange, Urbancat Pink : Feline Odyssey

The artwork is signed by the Artist , carved with edition number and date under the piece
serie “Trilogy Feline : Tales of Claws of Legends”

The genesis of Hiro Ando’s inspiration for the iconic sculpture “Trilogy” within the “Neko Sculptural Symphony: Claws of Legends” series is a narrative woven with threads of cultural reverence, artistic innovation, and a profound exploration of feline mystique.

Ando’s affinity for the Neko, a symbol deeply embedded in Japanese folklore, served as the wellspring for the creation of “Trilogy.” The trilogy of small cats, each measuring 25cm, became vessels through which Ando channeled the timeless allure and enigmatic qualities of these revered creatures. In delving into the cultural and mythological significance of the Neko, Ando found inspiration in the multifaceted nature of their symbolism—representing mystery, playfulness, and a spiritual connection to the unseen.

The departure from traditional sculpture materials to embrace lush, vivid pigments marked a pivotal moment in Ando’s artistic journey. The decision to completely cover each cat in a riot of colors was a departure from the subdued elegance often associated with sculptures. It was a deliberate choice to infuse vibrancy and life into the form, transforming each feline figure into a living canvas.

The lush, vivid pigments became more than a mere artistic choice; they were a visual symphony echoing the kaleidoscope of emotions and personalities attributed to the Neko. The colors, ranging from deep greens to regal pinks, were a reflection of the varied facets of the feline realm. Ando’s palette became a conduit for the expression of the ineffable qualities of the Neko—capturing the essence of their playful demeanor, mysterious allure, and timeless elegance.

The protective plexiglass cap served a dual purpose in the narrative of “Trilogy.” On one level, it became a transparent sanctuary, preserving the brilliance of the vibrant pigments within, shielding the cats from the passage of time. On another level, the plexiglass invited viewers into an intimate encounter with the encapsulated feline trio. The transparent barrier dissolved the boundary between observer and observed, allowing for a shared exploration of the vibrant hues encapsulated within.

“Trilogy” stands as a testament to Ando’s ability to fuse cultural reverence with artistic ingenuity. It becomes a symphony—a visual composition that resonates with the timeless tales of the Neko. Through the amalgamation of lush pigments, protective encasement, and cultural symbolism, Hiro Ando invites viewers to delve into the enigmatic world of feline legends—a world brought to life through the immersive embrace of color and form.