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My Portfolio

Ola Night Magic : Pandasan’s Tokyo Serenade

2010, unique artwork

Oil on canvas
31 1/2 × 42 1/10 × 1 1/5 in – 80 × 107 × 3 cm

The artwork is signed by the Artist & stamped with the logo of the Artist’s studio on verso of the canvas

serie “Tokyo Night : TalesNeon Serenity with Pandasan”


Hiro Ando’s canvases, where he intricately depicts Tokyo’s bustling nightlife, merges his iconic flowers and clouds with the ethereal presence of his renowned sculpture, Pandasan. This composition reflects Ando’s deep exploration of the urban landscape, blending elements of nature and iconic symbols in a harmonious dance of colors and forms.

In crafting those masterpieces , Ando draws inspiration from the vibrant energy of Tokyo after dark, capturing the essence of the city’s pulsating life. The sketches showcase the dynamic interplay of lights, shadows, and the movement of people, evoking a sense of the nocturnal rhythm that defines Tokyo.

The inclusion of Ando’s iconic sculpture, Pandasan, adds another layer of meaning to the canvas. Pandasan becomes a focal point in the composition. The juxtaposition of the urban scenery and Pandasan introduces a captivating contrast, symbolizing the coexistence of modernity and tradition within Tokyo’s landscape. It’s a visual dialogue that sparks contemplation about the city’s evolving identity and the artist’s commentary on the cultural and societal nuances embedded in the urban environment.

Ando’s use of flowers and clouds, his signature elements, adds a poetic and dreamlike quality to the composition. The flowers bring a touch of nature into the urban jungle, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the artificial and the organic.

The canvases , therefore, serves as a visual narrative, a love letter to Tokyo’s vibrant nights, embracing the coalescence of nature, iconic symbolism, and the urban spirit. Ando’s artistic language, characterized by his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to blend diverse elements seamlessly, invites viewers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Tokyo’s nocturnal charm.

In summary, Hiro Ando’s canvases , adorned with the presence of Pandasan, transcends mere representation. It becomes a portal into the artist’s vision of Tokyo, where tradition and modernity converge, and nature harmonizes with the urban landscape, creating a poetic and visually stunning ode to the city’s vibrant nights.