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White Sumonmyoji’s Resonance : A Harmonious Ode to Onmyōdō’s Enigmatic Dance of Dualities

The artwork is signed by the Artist , carved with edition number and date under the feet
serie “The Miniature Saga : A Playful Palette of Petite Marvels”

Hiro Ando’s “Sumonmyoji” sculptures are a mesmerizing testament to the intersection of traditional Japanese cultural heritage and contemporary artistic expression. In this evocative series, Ando skillfully captures the essence of sumo wrestling, infusing it with his distinctive artistic flair and paying homage to the rich aesthetic traditions of Japan.

Drawing inspiration from his masterpiece, “Onmyōdō: The Enigmatic Faces of Samuraicat in the Codex of Dualities,” Ando embarks on a profound exploration of the physicality and cultural significance embedded in sumo wrestling. The sculptures transcend mere representation, becoming vibrant embodiments of strength, resilience, and the dynamism inherent in this ancient Japanese sport.

The choice of glossy and vibrant colors in “Sumonmyoji” is deliberate, echoing not only the energetic spectacle of sumo but also harkening back to the traditional color palette prevalent in Japanese art. This intentional use of color serves as a bridge between the contemporary and the classical, symbolizing Ando’s reverence for Japan’s artistic heritage.

What sets “Sumonmyoji” apart is the meticulous craftsmanship evident in the construction of each sculpture. Ando employs small, purposefully placed pieces to assemble these sumotori, creating a visual tapestry that mirrors the detailed nuances found in the Codex of Dualities. The intricate assembly becomes a metaphor for the multifaceted persona of Samuraicat, blending seamlessly with the raw physicality of the sumo wrestlers.

In essence, “Sumonmyoji” emerges as a harmonious fusion of strength, grace, and the enduring spirit of Japanese artistic expression. Through these sculptures, Ando invites viewers on a contemplative journey that transcends temporal and cultural boundaries, offering a profound reflection on the interconnectedness of Japan’s past and present.