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Satomi.N’s Symphony of Survival : Fragile Fortitude

2015, Edition of 8

Stainless Steel Polished

63 × 55 1/10 × 23 3/5 in – 160 × 140 × 60 cm
The artwork is signed by the Artist , carved with edition number and date on the base of the artwork
serie “Silent Steel Symphony : The Saga of School Girls in Battle”

In the heart of Tokyo, where the vibrant energy of modernity meets the echoes of ancient traditions, the enigmatic artist Hiro Ando embarked on a visual odyssey inspired by the haunting narrative of Koushun Takami’s “Battle Royale.” The result was a series of sculptures that breathed life into the characters trapped in a dark fable of survival.

Among them, the sculpture titled “Satomi.N’s Symphony of Survival: Fragile Fortitude” emerged as a testament to the delicate strength hidden within the chaos of a deadly battle. Satomi N, a figure both regal and innocent, stood frozen in gleaming stainless steel—a symbol of both tragedy and resilience.

The Silent Steel Symphony spoke of Satomi.N’s journey, encapsulating the fragility of her existence juxtaposed with the fortitude that emanated from her calm expression. The carefully polished stainless steel reflected not just the material choice but the dignity and grace with which Satomi.N faced the ominous circumstances forced upon her.

In the sculpture, Satomi.N’s pose bore the weight of an unfolding tragedy—a ballet of blades, a symphony of survival. The intricacies of her posture conveyed a narrative that transcended the brutality of the battle; it was a delicate dance of a young soul navigating the shadows of a sinister contest.

Fragile Fortitude—two words seemingly at odds, yet perfectly encapsulating the essence of Satomi.N’s character. Her journey in the Battle Royale became a silent symphony, each stroke of the sculptor’s tool a note in the elegy of innocence lost and strength found.

As viewers gazed upon “Satomi.N’s Symphony of Survival: Fragile Fortitude” , they were drawn into the emotional depth of Ando’s creation. The sculpture became more than a representation; it was a portal into the harrowing yet graceful world of Battle Royale, a poignant reflection on the capacity of the human spirit to endure even in the face of unspeakable darkness.

And so, in the quiet corridors of art, Hiro Ando’s Silent Steel Symphony echoed with the whispers of Satomi.N’s survival—a delicate yet resolute melody against the backdrop of a tragic tale.