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SAMURAICATS NFTS collection selected by top insta NFTs influencer : NFT.MONEY post a comment on the samuraicats nfts collection :

Have you heard about @samuraicats_by_hiroando , the new NFT collection of a famous japanese artists?

if not , thats a a great opportunity


because you have the ooportunity to be early !

this project could potentially be big for 3 reasons :

-the project is made by a real artist (wh is alreadt famous in the art sphere internationaly)

-Its a small collection of 4747 NFTs.that s mean that the o ffer will be way smaller than the demand

-holding a NFT from the collection will allow you to buy Hiro ANDOs sculptures at a special price, en ter an upcoming “Galerie Club” metaverse and even vote to select next artist to join Hiro ANDOs crew, the crazynOOdles gang

to join the discord , go follow @samuraicats_by_hiroando