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My Portfolio

Psy and Chic Chronicles : Neon Vogue

The artwork is dated and signed by the Artist & stamped with the logo of the Artist’s studio on verso of the canvas
serie “Couture Capsules : Fashioning Tradition with Neon Elegance”

In the enigmatic world of Tomomi Mishima’s artistry, a series emerges like a luminous tapestry woven with threads of tradition and contemporary allure. “Couture Capsules: Fashioning Tradition with Neon Elegance” encapsulates the essence of her captivating canvases, where Japanese fashionistas are the protagonists in a visual narrative that unfolds against backgrounds adorned with pills, medicine, and neon lights.

Mishima’s paintings are not mere reflections of style; they are profound explorations of identity, caught in the intricate dance between the past and the pulsating present. Each canvas tells a story of young women navigating the currents of tradition while being enveloped in the vibrant glow of modernity. The juxtaposition of couture-clad figures against backdrops of pills creates a surreal yet thought-provoking ambiance.

In “Love’s Dose: Pillars of Passion in Couture Capsules,” Mishima delves into the theme of love intertwined with the symbolism of pills. The pill-laden background serves as both a metaphor for societal expectations and a canvas for expressing the multifaceted nature of love. The juxtaposition of the clinical and the emotional in Mishima’s strokes adds layers of complexity to the narrative.

“Divine Threads: Godly Love in Couture Capsules” takes the viewer on a spiritual journey. Against the backdrop of divine pills, Mishima’s fashionistas radiate an ethereal elegance, blurring the lines between the sacred and the fashionable. The neon lights cast a celestial glow, transforming the canvas into a sanctuary where tradition and contemporary aesthetics coalesce.

“Heartbeat Elixirs: Love Infusions in Couture Capsules” explores the intersection of emotion and medication. The pills, arranged like musical notes, create a rhythmic harmony, symbolizing the pulse of love. Mishima’s subjects, adorned in couture, become conduits of this emotional symphony, embodying the fusion of fashion and the chemistry of the heart.

“Sole Symphony: Sliding through Couture Capsules” introduces a playful narrative. Against a neon-lit background adorned with sliders and pills, Mishima’s fashionistas navigate the terrain of tradition with a sense of whimsy. The canvases pulsate with movement, capturing the essence of a generation sliding between cultural epochs.

In each painting of the “Couture Capsules” series, Tomomi Mishima invites the viewer into a realm where tradition and modernity coexist harmoniously. The pills, medicine, and neon lights serve as not just artistic elements but as symbols that enrich the narratives, prompting contemplation on the evolving identity of Japanese womanhood in a world shaped by both heritage and the allure of the contemporary. Mishima’s art becomes a visual dialogue, a vibrant conversation transcending borders, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the intricate interplay of tradition and neon elegance.