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My Portfolio

Abyss of Tranquility: Samurai’s Odyssey in the Sea of Shadows.

The artwork is signed by the Artist , carved with edition number and date under the piece
serie “The Onmyodo Odyssey : Chronicles of Samuraicat’s Dualities”

“Abyss of Tranquility: Samurai’s Odyssey in the Sea of Shadows” is a title that captures several key elements. The term “Abyss” suggests depth and vastness, resonating with the marine and black hues, while “Tranquility” contrasts this with a sense of calm and serenity, brought out by the light blue tones. “Samurai’s Odyssey” implies a long, eventful journey, aligning with the life and challenges of a samurai, signifying both physical travel and exploration of the inner self and the world. The “Sea of Shadows” part of the title suggests a mysterious and profound realm, symbolizing the complex and often hidden layers of the samurai’s psyche, along with unknown challenges and adventures. The use of black, light blue, and marine in the color palette creates a cohesive visual experience, where black represents the unknown or challenges faced, light blue symbolizes peace, wisdom, and tranquility, and marine adds depth and vastness. This title, “Abyss of Tranquility: Samurai’s Odyssey in the Sea of Shadows,” would be fitting for an artwork with this color scheme, capturing the essence of the samurai’s journey as deep, serene, and profound, set in a world full of mystery and exploration.