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Barbie’s Fortune Fountain

The artwork is dated, numbered and signed on a metal label sticked on the protective cap
serie “Dollar Dreams in Neon Barbie World”

“Dollar Dreams in Neon Barbie World” is a captivating series by Japanese artist Kumikaho Oshima, where the ethereal glow of fluorescent neon lights intertwines with the iconic imagery of dollars and Barbie dolls to create a thought-provoking narrative on contemporary culture.

In her studio in the heart of Tokyo, Oshima meticulously crafts each wall sculpture, weaving together elements that reflect the complex tapestry of societal dreams and aspirations. The series serves as a visual commentary on the intersection of consumerism, childhood nostalgia, and the pursuit of the American Dream in a globalized world.

The journey through the series begins with “Neon Capital,” a striking piece where a cascade of dollars is intricately interwoven with neon lights, symbolizing the ever-present influence of money on our aspirations and values. The fluorescent glow emphasizes the allure and power associated with wealth, casting a mesmerizing spell on the observer.

Then we encounter “Dreamland Dollhouse,” a sculpture where Barbie dolls are arranged within a neon-lit space full of dollars . The juxtaposition of these childhood icons against the stark glow of dollars prompts contemplation on the commodification of dreams and the societal expectations placed upon individuals from an early age.

One of the series highlights is “Ephemeral Earnings,” who features a delicate neon lights surrounding a central face of barbie with a background entirely of dollar bills. This piece explores the transient nature of financial success and the fragility of dreams when constructed upon the foundation of currency.

In “Metropolis Mirage,” Oshima takes inspiration from the neon-lit , creating a three-dimensional collage of dollars, dolls, and vibrant lights. The piece captures the essence of modern life, where dreams are both realized and shattered amidst the pulsating energy of a metropolis.

The series crescendos with “Barbie’s Fortune Fountain,” an artwork that immerses the viewer in a cascade of dollars and neon lights, with Barbie dolls emerging from the midst. This artwork challenges the observer to confront the convergence of personal dreams, societal expectations, and the relentless pursuit of financial prosperity.

Through “Dollar Dreams in Neon Barbie World,” Kumikaho Oshima invites the audience to reflect on the intricate relationships between wealth, childhood ideals, and the perpetual pursuit of a utopian existence. Each sculpture serves as a visual poem, capturing the essence of a society caught in the luminous web of its own desires, beautifully and provocatively expressed in neon and currency.