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My Portfolio

Elegant Sumocat : Black Dance and Battles of Balance

resin fiberglass painted & varnished

In a studio filled with the scent of resin and the hum of creativity, Hiro Ando meticulously crafted a series that transcended the ordinary— “Neko Sculptural Symphony: Claws of Legends.” Each sculpture, born from the artist’s hands, held a unique narrative woven into its resin form.

“Samuraicat,” the first in the series, emerged from the liquid embrace of resin as if the material itself yielded to the ancient spirit it encapsulated. The details of katanas, delicately suspended on the back , showcased Ando’s mastery over the medium, transforming resin into a vessel for the timeless elegance of the samurai.

“Urbancat” materialized next, its sleek silhouette capturing the essence of a city skyline. The resin, manipulated with finesse, reflected the play of light . Urbancat’s dress seemed to ripple with the energy of the urban sprawl, a testament to Ando’s ability to infuse life into inert materials.

“Sumocat” followed, its rounded form seemingly frozen in a dynamic sumo stance. The resin, molded to perfection, conveyed both the weightiness of tradition and the fluidity of movement. Even in its static state, Sumocat radiated the energy of a playful match in a sumo ring.

“Robotcat” emerged as a mechanical marvel, an intricate dance of resin and technology. Ando skillfully manipulated the resin to mimic the precision of gears and the reflective quality of varnish The eyes, embedded within the resin structure, gave life to Robotcat—a fusion of the organic and the artificial.

Lastly, “Warriorcat” took shape, embodying the culmination of Ando’s resin craftsmanship. The shields etched into the resin surface told a story of resilience and strength. Warriorcat stood as a testament to the transformative nature of resin, metamorphosing into a sculpted guardian that embodied the spirit of the entire series.

Visitors are greeted by a symphony of resin, each sculpture resonating with a different note in the composition. “Claws of Legends” wasn’t just a series of cat sculptures; it was a testament to Hiro Ando’s mastery over resin, transforming it into a medium that breathed life into the mythical feline warriors, forever immortalized in the ethereal embrace of the sculptural symphony.