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Cornetto : Frozen Fantasia

The artwork is dated and signed by the Artist on verso of the canvas & stamped with the logo of the Artist ‘s studio
serie “Surreal Innocence : Lolitas and the Whimsy of Frozen Delights”

In the heart of Kagoshima, where the vibrant pulse of modernity dances with the echoes of tradition, emerges a series of canvases that stir the senses and challenge perceptions. Kaho Nakamura, a Japanese artist unafraid to traverse the uncharted realms of art, unveils her latest series titled “Surreal Innocence: Lolitas and the Whimsy of Frozen Delights.”

The genesis of this collection lies in Nakamura’s teenage years, a time when the allure of Kagoshima’s nightlife was both enchanting and elusive. From her bedroom window, she observed the older youth, adorned in the finest garments, embarking on nocturnal adventures. Unable to partake in these escapades, Nakamura turned to the canvas, seeking solace in the strokes of her brush.

The series is an intimate exploration of Lolitas—symbols of cultural identity, femininity, and youthful allure. Nakamura delicately captures each subject in poses that navigate the delicate balance between innocence and burgeoning sensuality. The gaze of the Lolitas, reminiscent of a subtle rebellion against societal expectations, beckons viewers into a world where reality and dreams intertwine.

What sets this series apart is the whimsical backdrop that enfolds each figure—the realm of frozen delights. Ice creams, a recurrent motif, appear almost magically in the compositions. Nakamura, a master of oil painting, infuses these frozen treats with a dreamlike quality. They float in the background, disconnected yet harmonious with the Lolitas, evoking a sense of ephemeral pleasure.

As an art sociologist might observe, Nakamura’s choice of ice creams serves as a cultural marker, rooted in Kagoshima’s identity as the sweets capital. The juxtaposition of these frozen delights with the Lolitas challenges traditional perceptions, inviting contemplation on the interplay between cultural norms, desires, and the fleeting nature of pleasure.

“Surreal Innocence: Lolitas and the Whimsy of Frozen Delights” invites viewers into a surreal realm where Nakamura’s strokes become a visual poetry, capturing the essence of fleeting moments and the allure of the unexpected. Each canvas, a testament to the artist’s exploration of innocence in a world that craves both tradition and rebellion, beckons the audience to reflect on the delicate dance between reality and imagination. In this series, Nakamura crafts a narrative that goes beyond the canvas, sparking a dialogue on the complexities of cultural identity and the sweet whimsy of embracing the unknown.