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Chisato M : Echoes of the Lost Harmony

Jan 2021 8 editions

Acrylic plexiglass and LED
47 1/5 × 15 7/10 × 2 in – 120 × 40 × 5 cm
Artist name , edition number …/8 and date carved on a metal label on the base of the artwork
serie “Illuminated Schoolgirls Odyssey : The Silent Saga of Light and Loss”
Hiro Ando’s “Chisato M: Echoes of the Lost Harmony” is a compelling narrative sculpture that vividly portrays the character Chisato M from Koushun Takami’s “Battle Royale.” The artwork embodies the transformation of Chisato from an innocent youth to a survivor in a brutal world.
The sculpture contrasts symbols of Chisato’s serene past with the violent realities of the present. Elements of traditional Japanese imagery and symbols of a peaceful school life stand in stark opposition to abstract forms signifying chaos and violence. This juxtaposition not only highlights the disruption of Chisato’s life but also serves as a commentary on the loss of innocence and the forced entry into a perilous adulthood.
The sculpture suggest a nostalgia clashing with dissonance. Traces of Chisato’s former self, such as remnants of a smile or a playful posture, conflict with a hardened expression or a defensive stance. This visual duality represents the shattered peace of her earlier life and her adaptation to her new, harsh reality.
The interplay of light and shadow in the sculpture enhances the emotional depth, reflecting Chisato’s internal struggle.
“Chisato M: Echoes of the Lost Harmony” evokes a strong emotional response, capturing the viewer’s empathy for Chisato’s plight. The sculpture invites contemplation on themes such as the resilience of youth, the psychological impact of violence, and the enduring human spirit in adversity. It stands as a testament to the human capacity to endure and adapt, even in the most harrowing circumstances, and encourages viewers to reflect on the complexities of growing up and the challenges of navigating a world that can be unforgiving and cruel.